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Police Technology

The navigation links to your above will take you to a variety of locations and provide you with additional information about the author, the book police technology, the subject of police technology and perhaps the course.  While the title of the book implies that it looks just at "police" technologies, rest assured that not only are many other law enforcement related subjects explored, but how technology impacts the entire criminal justice system is also addressed. The book could easily carry the titles public safety technology, criminal justice technology, law enforcement technology; Homeland Security Technology or even basic business technology or government technology.

For students, the links above correspond to the four sections of the Police Technology. At each destination you will find additional hyperlinks to web-based resources that help explain many of the concepts in Police Technology. Some of these are multimedia presentations like slide shows, short videos or graphic representations. I encourage you to have fun and poke around exploring the various law enforcement technologies.   Additionally, for instructors, students and practitioners, the Student Resource section takes you to a listing of criminal justice resources such as PowerPoint presentations and articles.   Explore our newest article on Personal Cyber Security.


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